Upper wall :  Untitled,  2013, 13 pairs of aluminum sheets bent at 15 °  intervals. Each pair catches the light from the window differently.  Lower wall ,  Different But The Same,  2008, square carbon fiber extrusions, six parts, each 36 x variable x 12 in. The modular extension of a two dimensional pattern into the third dimension.  Platform from left :  Untitled , 2010, one-Eighth size   basswood   models of nine foot structures. Four drawings, 2013,  Drawing As Photography    ( a remembrance ), graphite and acrylic fixative on paper. Photograph: David Allison 06-14.
  Top wall:   Untitled,  2011,   acrylic on aluminum. 8 panels, 24 x 17 in. Every proportion is the same: the painted rectangles, the panel shapes and groups of two, four and eight panels.  Bottom wall:   Untitled ,  2019,  acrylic on Sintra Board, two with green tint two with red.  Platform:  Six ideas in a 6 x 6 inch format, various materials, conceived and made 1990 to 2019.
    Wall Left:   Untitled , 2015, 10 ft. diameter, inkjet prints mounted on board. Photographs of bent aluminum sheets in the form of a 24 hour clock.  Wall Right:   Three Equal Rectangles Defining Three Equal Squares , first of three versions, 1996, 67.25 x 176 in, 1 inch gaffer tape. The title came first as a puzzle that might or might not have a solution. It did. But not until 20 years after its solution by trial and error was it discovered that this work is an expression of the fibonacci series.  Floor:   Twist,  2011 ,  paint on plywood, three parts each approximately 18 inches long.
  Object into Symbol , 1999 – 2012, paint on 27 aluminum panels, 5.33 x 31 ft: each panel 1 x 2 ft. An arrangement of all the shapes between a rectangular and cruciform shape that can be made by adding or subtracting corner triangles. This was conceived as a purely aesthetic object but has the curious mathematical property that every significant numerical relationship in it can be expressed by the term (3 to x power + 3 to y power). This discovery will result in minor adjustments to future installations. In 2012 show "Figures and Grounds" at The Arts Club of Chicago, guest curator Anne Rorimer.
  Untitled,  2018, Flashe vinyl paint on canvas. This is an example using  standard off-the-shelf canvases with little change, something that could be explored further. The arrangement was designed for the natural light in my studio.
  One Stick of Charcoal Shaved and Sorted , 2011, charcoal and oil pastel on paper, 5 @ 10 x 10 in. Part of a graduated series from large to small shavings.
  Untitled , 2005, proposal. Four lengths of timbers and painted stripes, one stripe per timber. The four groupings are determined by the number of timbers that one of the four lengths of stripes will fit on. Scale large but undetermined.
  Same but Different (Angeli),  1995, paint on plywood, height 24". The same object rotated. Developed from the chance mating two unrelated studies.
  U-turn,  1994, metal, proposal. Each object rotated on both its horizontal and vertical axes to form the next position. Each approx. 6 ft. in length.
  Untitled , 1974, 8 x 24 inches, graphite, charcoal, pastel , erasure on paper. One of a series of four.
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