All About Color , 2008, gouache on cardboard, three panels, each 20 x 20 in. Equal areas of color change position.    
  Untitled , 2016. Two paintings each with two 10 x 20 in. panels, vinyl paint on canvas. Examples from larger series.   
  Untitled , 1988 - 2010, Study for work on wall, size variable.   
  Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?  2008/2015, 67 x 140 in. Inkjet print. Can be of unlimited size and scale. Six colors and four text orientations were combined randomly for each position in the grid. Text from 1944 Louis Jordan   song.
  Put Out the Light,  2006/2010, proposal for large scale inkjet print on panel. Size and proportion can vary.
  It Will Burst Into Flames , (study) 2013, two sections, each 18 inkjet prints @ 7.5 x 10.75 in, central images silkscreen on wall. This is the third version — first was shown at the Onetwentyeight Rivington Gallery in December 2001, the second in a show at The Arts Club of Chicago in March 2012, the third at the Schelfhaudt Gallery, University of Bridgeport 2015. The first version was developed in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 from earlier work. Text from poems of Wallace Stevens.
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