Nine by Nine by Nine , 2012, 1 x 1 in. hard maple. A 9 ft. 1 in. cube defines its outer limit. One of a series. In 2012 show "Figures and Grounds" at The Arts Club of Chicago, guest curator Anne Rorimer.   
  Untitled,  1991, wood or painted metal, length approximately 8 ft. Views of opposite ends of a proposed two part piece. Sliding the sections past each other reverses the end patterns.   
  Adding Machine , 1990, painted metal, length approximately 8 ft. Proposal for piece with two parts that can be arranged in different ways. 
  Water Water  (two versions), 1990, water and clear acrylic plastic, longest dimension of each part would be approximately three feet. Studies for pairs of identical divided boxes with equal amounts of water in different sections.
  Sandboxes , 1991, wood and sand, approximately 8 feet long. Study for boxes prevented from tipping by their contents.
  3 PART TRAPS , c. 1992, study for two groups of three objects with the following properties: 1/ All the objects are of equal volume. 2/ One object in each group is a cube. 3/ The tops and bottoms of all objects are squares. 4/ The sides of the squares are proportioned thus: a / b = b / c. 5/ Starting with the cube, the objects in one group elongate, in the other flatten. 6/ Each group fits exactly inside an imaginary cube. Height of tall object 36". Ideally material would be solid and homogeneous making all the objects the same weight. The title is palindromic.
 Left:  Long for You,  1989, basswood, 8 x 4 x 4 in. Right:  Kiss Kiss,  1989 ,  basswood ,  4 x 4 x 4 in. Boxes containing themselves.
 Untitled, 1988, graphite on wood and wall, 48 in. long.
  Untitled (To L and Back) , 1991, Proposal for large metal sculpture, size undetermined. Form as content.   
  Horizontalism,  1990, welded metal, proposal, approximately 2 x 8 ft.
  Double Wedge,  1994, material and size undetermined but solid and minimum 6 feet long.
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